21/09/2023 TTJ on Tour – TTJ Awards 2023

TTJ on Tour – TTJ Awards 2023

The TTJ Awards 2023 was not just another awards ceremony for everyone at Timber Now. For us It marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey, one that saw a close friend and member of the Timber Now board, Kieran Gutsell, and his friends, team and family joined to celebrate a once in a life time special weekend for his stag do in Cologne, Germany.

For two of our representatives, The day began with the glitz and glamour of the TTJ Awards held at the Hilton London Bankside. Timber Now had been nominated for two awards.

  1. Timber Merchant of the Year
  2. Small Timber Business of the Year

As the announcements came in our team waited with bated breath as all but the last two awards were announced. The nominees for Small Timber Business of the year were read live and finally we could say Timber Now was named for the second year running.. “Small Timber Business of the Year”, the joy and pride were palpable. The trophy, a symbol of our team’s hard work and dedication, was now in our hands.

But little did the trophy or anybody else at the ceremony know, its journey had just begun.

While the awards were being wrapped up, the rest of the Timber Now team were embarking on a different kind of adventure. They were en route to Cologne, Germany, to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of our operations manager, Kieran, with a stag do weekend tour of the famous city.

With the award in tow, a quick dash was made to Heathrow Airport. The trophy, safely secured, was about to embark on its first-ever international flight. As the plane touched down in Cologne, the TTJ award was not just a symbol of our achievement but also a part of our celebrations.

Cologne, with its rich history and stunning architecture, became the backdrop for our trophy’s tour. From the iconic Cologne Cathedral to the bustling streets of the Old Town, the award was there, witnessing and becoming a part of our memories. It was photographed at the Rhine River, enjoyed the view from the KölnTriangle, and even made an appearance at some of the city’s famous Irish pubs.

The weekend was a blend of celebration, camaraderie, and of course, the pride of our recent accolade. The trophy, which had now travelled, celebrated, and seen more of Germany than many, was ready to return home.

As the weekend drew to a close and the team headed back, the trophy, with its newfound travel tales, found its final resting place at the Timber Now Head Office in Wickford. It stands there, not just as a testament to our achievements but also as a symbol of our team spirit, our adventures, and the memories we created together.

In the end, the TTJ Awards 2023 was not just about winning; it was about celebrating together, traveling together, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us on our next adventure, and who knows, maybe you’ll spot the TTJ trophy on tour again!

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